Simple Trade is a marketplace for expert buyers and sellers of used smartphones. Our mission is to increase trade-in revenues for Verizon Premium Retailers and provide repair shops access to used devices in all conditions, from "like-new resale-ready" to "cracked-screen bad-IMEI".

The Simple Trade difference is that our sellers are required to closely examine and disclose: cosmetic condition, functionality, and the status of the IMEI. Each seller is vetted and then trained how to perform inspections; each device is inspected and all results disclosed.

Based in Austin, Texas our Sellers are backed by a small but nimble team of Smartphone Ninjas:

Sensei James

Ninja Terry

Ninja Steve

Are You a Ninja?

"I promise not to show up at your door in the Ninja costume I just wore to Comic-Con...because I already lost it in my mom's basement." - Ninja Josh