Test – About Us

Simple Trade is a marketplace for buying and selling quality pre-owned smartphones with pick up, professional inspection, delivery & activation built into the service. Our mission is to protect both buyers and sellers from fraud or worse. No more spammers, scammers, ‘no shows’, or lost/stolen/unpaid or damaged devices – as is often the case with other classifieds sites.

Our Smartphone Ninjas facilitate each transaction, personally picking up, inspecting, delivering & activating devices. Every Ninja must pass a series of character tests (um, also known as a background-check) and has over 100 hours experience inspecting & repairing phones. Buyers receive an expertly-inspected fully-functional device, sellers’ sensitive data is permanently erased, and both buyers & sellers are protected – ninja style.

Our customer-facing team is backed by a cadre of cyborg senseis, built from the parts of vanquished ninjas, led by:

Sensei James

Sensei Terry

Sensei Chad

Are You a Ninja?

– We promise not to show up at your door in the Ninja costumes we just wore to Comic-Con…because we already lost them in mom’s basement.